We are PBAC

Our brand is in the heart of who we are and everything that we do.

For 60 years Philippine British Assurance Company (PBAC), has preserved its reputation as one of the most formidable non-life insurance companies in the Philippines. PBAC has been providing its policy holders and strategic partners with affordable, reliable and trustworthy non-life insurance solutions necessary for their financial security at their greatest time of need.

PBAC offers a combination of deep-rooted expertise in providing customer-focused products to cover every aspect of our clients’ protection requirements, catering mostly to their vehicle, property, engineering, bonds, general and accident related insurance needs.

Today, our brand means more than service excellence. It has become our way of life – a standard quality for everything we do and for all that we say. It stands as our guiding principle for our actions and behaviour as we present ourselves to the world with a reformed central organizing thought, “Your Trustworthy Insurer.”

We are powered and driven by this new organizing principle to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations by ensuring that our ASSURANCE is ACCESSIBLE, DEPENDABLE and UPRIGHT. We remain consistent and committed to address our policy holders’ protection requirements with immediate and long term cash benefits in their hour of need and make a good effort to resolve their concerns. We are P rotection. We are B eneficial. We are A ssurance. We are C omfort. We are P B A C – Your Trustworthy Insurer.

Our Vision

To be the most trusted non-life insurance partner in the Philippines.

Our Mission

To be the Filipino’s insurer of choice by providing high quality service through formulating the most suitable insurance solutions and delivering claims services efficiently and fairly. We pledge to make our products accessible to both Filipino individuals and enterprises. We aspire to have a leading role in protecting the Filipino family and to be the country’s most trustworthy insurer.