PhilBritish Comprehensive Motor Car Insurance Just Got Better

May 6, 2022


As traffic volume continues to increase brought about by the pandemic alert level being lowered down, the incidence of getting involved in a vehicular accident or having a car breakdown increases as well. On the same note, long leisure drives and out-of-town travels have been part of the quick-escape checklist of most, as a result of being deprived of actual voyages and trips during the pandemic.

On a positive note, one of the gains made out of the Covid 19 pandemic was the way we look after our and our family’s health and well-being. It has then been second nature to seek medical consultation whenever symptoms of sickness or discomfort are experienced. Just imagine having the sudden need to talk to a physician because of a disturbing ailment – in the middle of the road or in the wee hours.

Good thing PhilBritish enhanced its comprehensive motor car insurance by incorporating MEDIPHONE: a 24/7 medical assistance service that allows its enrolled policyholder to speak to a doctor and seek medical advice, just by a phone call.

What is PhilBritish Mediphone and how does it work?

PhilBritish MediPhone is a medical service provided over the phone, which offers its enrolled policyholder:

  • Medical orientation all day long without waiting time in the hospital queue
  • Real-time medical and technical support for all health-related questions
  • General information and advice
  • Medical assessment/ advice
  • Health tips
  • Advice on chronic diseases
  • Information about prescriptions: Reactions to medicines, side effects, contraindications
  • Preventive health
  • Guidance on cardiovascular diseases
  • Hygienic and diet advice
  • Baby care and maternity orientation
  • Advice for the elderly
  • Advice on drug dependencies
  • Medical Service Provider Referral
  • Information about the nearest opened drugstores or public and private emergency services (hospitals)
  • Information about locations of drugstores
  • Smoke-Out therapies
  • Questions on evolution of different treatments
  • Information about diagnosis tests
  • Information about treatments
  • Different physicians’ specialties
  • Medical directory assistance service for referral to Insured regarding information on medical facilities with specific specialized medical services

By calling up the MediPhone Hotline (02)8459-4759 or sending an email to and disclosing your PhilBritish policy number and medical concern, a representative shall create a triad call with the physician and enrolled caller. Consultation shall commence immediately.

Available for Individual and Family (Individual plus 4 family members) Enrollments, PhilBritish MediPhone also provides additional benefits such as:

  • 1 VIDEOCON Feature per month (free)
  • MEDEXPRESS Priority Lane for emailed medicine orders
  • MIA 4M Consola/ Facebook Messenger Consultation Access
  • Electronic Referral Letters to various doctor specialists when needed
  • Electronic Prescription
  • Electronic Laboratory and Diagnostic Requests
  • Electronic Medical Certificates

As times have changed, so should your comprehensive motor car insurance. Switch to or renew your car’s insurance with PhilBritish: Your trustworthy insurer.

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