Our Partnership

Be a licensed PBAC Agent.

We fortify our competitive position through our strategic investment in strengths and alliance with our partners who have distinct capacities to fully leverage on our services, technology and resources.

Requirements for being a PBAC Non-Life Insurance Partner

NEW AGENT / not yet licensed in any non-life insurance companies.

  • Attend the Basic Training Seminar conducted by Philippine British Assurance Co.,  Certificate of Training (from Philippine British Assurance Co., Inc.)
  • Good Moral Character (from Philippine British Assurance Co., Inc.)
  • Take and pass the licensure exam at the Insurance Commission
  • Filled-up Application form (2 copies)
  • Examination fee of P 1,010.00
  • Bring any valid identification card
  • Duly filled-up application form of the Insurance Commission (handwritten)
  • Duly filled-up Philippine British Assurance Co., Ins. Application/Information sheet
  • Two (2) 1×1 ID Pictures (identical)
  • Copy of Insurance Commission Agent’s examination result
  • Copy of latest Income Tax Return (ITR) and Community Tax Certificate (CTC)
  • Copy of Professional Tax Receipt (PTR)
  • License fee of P 1,515.00
  • SSS number


  1. Attend the PBAC Non-Life Orientation
  2. Take the Insurance Commission Examination
  3.  Complete the Requirements
  4. Start Producing