You can rest assured that should anything happen to your motor vehicle, you are covered, no matter who is at fault.

PBAC’S Motor car insurance offers wider scope of cover for car owners that will include accidental damage, theft, fire, personal accident to the chauffeur and passengers and liability to third party for bodily injury including death and damage to property.

Key Offerings:

  • Comprehensive Cover
  • Compulsory Third Party Liability
  • Voluntary Third party Liability for bodily injury and property damage
  • Personal accident for driver and passengers

Plus: Roadside Assistance Program

  • Rescue of vehicle
  • Mechanic’s assistance service
  • Arrangement of hospital admission

PBAC can help you protect your car against loss, damage and liability

Own Damage / Theft Cover
Third Party Liability
Personal Accident Insurance
Acts of Nature (Optional)

Type of Motor Vehicles:

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